Pictures of Jesus - Rich Braaksma

October 23, 2016

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryIn this message Pastor Rich will touch on artist Ben Harper, the creation poem of Genesis 1, busts of emperors in Ancient Rome, idols vs. icons, the Imago Dei, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and our identity and calling to be pictures and a picture of Jesus.

it hangs above my altar, like they hung him from a cross
if keep one in my wallet, for the times that I feel lost
in a wooden frame with splinters, where my family kneels to pray and if you listen close you'll hear the words he used to say it has been spoken, he would come again but would we recognise, this king among men there was a man in our time, his words shine bright like the sun he tried to lift the masses, and was crucified by gun some days have no beginning, and some days have no end some roads are straight and narrow, and some roads only bend.
So let us say a prayer, for every living thing walking towards a light, from the cross of a king

I've got a picture of Jesus, in his arms my prayers rest
I've got a picture of Jesus, and with him we shall be forever blessed
-Ben Harper

By faith in Christ you are in direct relationship with God. Your baptism in Christ was not just washing you up for a fresh start. It also involved dressing you in an adult faith wardrobe Christ's life, the fulfilment of God's original promise.
Galatians 3:25-27, The Message

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Oh How I Need You

Holy Holy Holy

Come as you are

As it is in heaven

Give a Little Bit

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Saint Herman Monastery (2014) Scenes from the monastery, our Lord Jesus Christ icon from the main church by nun Katherine Weston Images in this sermon, "An enormous mosaic of Jesus" by Stanley Dankoski -
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Galatians 3:25-27,icons

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