John's interview on Vancouver's The Fox 99.3 - John Van Sloten

January 14, 2011

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryPastor John joins the Jeff O'Neil Show to talk about how "Metallica" came to church.

Jeff O'Neil Show
6-10am / 99.3FM
20th Floor, 700 W. Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC, V7Y 1K9

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January 14, 2011
Hi Paster John,
I'm in Vancouver driving (bus to UBC) for BC Transit today and came across the Fox 99.9fm. I was scanning to my Christian radio station of 106.5 Praise FM. I can't believe I heard you on a super secular radio station as the Fox. You must have some super prayer warriers bending Gods ear to get there.
I have never heard any friendly comments from any station like these before.
Keep up the good work.
Whatever it takes, however it takes, get the message out. Many crowns await those who can reach the unreached like your doing.
God richly Bless,
Ray M.
ps: from a conservative Baptist, okay! not so conservative!

Jan. 15/11
Hey Ray,
Thanks for the note. God's given us many opportinities to speak on all of his radio stations (CBC, and more). It's something we're thankful for and need to be careful in stewarding.

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