Death - John Van Sloten

August 15, 2010

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryWe continue our series on the Old Testament wisdom book; Ecclesiastes. This morning we look at how death brings perspective to life.

“Of all the world’s wonders which is most wonderful?
That no man, though he sees others dying all around him,
believes that he himself will die.”
From the Mahabharata; an ancient Hindu philosophical text.

“It is better to spend your time at funeral than at festivals. For you are going to die, and you should think about it while there is still time.”
Ecclesiastes 7:2

The thing we desperately need is to face the way it is.”
Theresa Mancuso, New York Hermit

“Honor and enjoy your Creator while you're still young, Before the years take their toll and your vigor wanes,
Before your vision dims and the world blurs And the winter years keep you close to the fire.
In old age, your body no longer serves you so well.
Muscles slacken, grip weakens, joints stiffen.
The shades are pulled down on the world.”
The book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 12

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August 17, 2010
Great talk. Really gets you thinking.

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