Chocolat - how alive is your faith? - John Van Sloten

February 17, 2002

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryOnce upon a time there was a quiet little village in the French countryside who's people believed in tranquilite tranquility. If you lived in this village you understood what was expected of you. You knew your place in the scheme of things... and if you happened to forget, someone would remind you! If perchance your hopes had been disappointed, you learned to never ask for more.

Clips we used;
#1 powerful scene, abused woman faces this tension... Vianne gets past husband, delivers healing chocolat END "He talks about you"
Cue to 35:37
#2 now see how excessive freedom of Vianne does exactly the same thing, free folk, river people who don't live under anyones rules ENDS - she hates it she hates it
Cue to 1:32:09
#3 Show what happened to Moral Mayor, funny and sad END - scene fades
Cue to 1:32:09
#4 so how did they treat this legalistic judging man, END - Who we include
Cue to 1:58

Cast:Juliette Binoche,Judi Dench,Johnny Depp,Lasse Halstrom

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