The Da Vinci Code - what's the big deal? - John Van Sloten

May 21, 2006

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryWe’re going to look at The Da Vinci Code and try to understand why this book has caught on with so many.

Quoting Pastor John, "This week I read the Da Vinci Code for the first time – a late adopter, I know. But there are benefits to my delayed timing; knowing the huge impact that this story is having on our culture, I was able to listen in with different ears, see with different eyes, and experience this cultural event from a unique perspective. I got to ask the, gravely important, “Why has this book caught on with so many people?,” question as I engaged the text."

There’s something in this mythical tale that is resonating deeply with our soul; in fact, tens of millions of souls. What is it?

At first I figured it might have something to do with plain old good story telling. Everyone loves a good conspiracy, let alone a God conspiracy. A page turning mystical mystery is a marketer’s dream. But there must be more.

May 24 interview on Calgary Radio 66 CFR by reporter James Callsen.

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May 26 interview on CBC Calgary Radio 1010 with Donna McElligott

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John was part of an interview by CBC News Calgary reporter Lorna Sandburg at the May 19 opening of the Divinci Code movie.

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