Seeing God in Humanity - John Van Sloten

June 05, 2005

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryDuring this series, Calgary artist Marcia Harris will be painting the message of a self-revealing, creative
The completed work (2.0m by 3.2m) will be auctioned off at the end of the series. Funds raised will go to one of 10 worthy charities (Ducks Unlimited, Bow Keepers, Aids Calgary, the Mustard Seed, etc.)

What happened to the painting?
The CJ92 FM Radio story;
For the past few years our church has had this very strange relationship with a local rock station called CJAY. On many occasions they've been gracious enough to have me on the air to talk about upcoming Sunday services; Evanescence, Switchfoot, Metallica, etc... When the Metallica service played out, they ran a pitch for the sermon in their upcoming concerts segment (hourly for a day and a half!). It was one of their DJ's who tipped Metallica's drummer off re: our church's more positive take on the band. (Lars (the drummer) told the DJ, after reading a Calgary Sun article on the upcoming church service, I think this is %^&* amazing!) The band sent a Warner Music camera crew to church that Sunday to video/record the service for the touring musicians. Then the story went around the world. Anyways, CJAY has been berry berry good to us. So when we had a chance to return the favour, it was a no brainer.
Last spring an artist from New Hope created this amazing painting during a sermon series on seeing God in creation. This fall someone bought the piece and donated some money to the church. The church decided that any monies made would go to a charity of the donors choice. The donor asked that $2,000. go to the CJAY childrens Special Wish Fund. Last Tuesday, during holy week, I delivered the cheque to the station (along with three coffees and a hot chocolat). Sitting in the radio studio with the three on air morning DJ's was pretty far out. Good to put faces to voices... and no, they didn't all have radio faces at all! In the 10 minutes we spoke, we talked non-stop about God... about helping helpless people... about doing good in the world. It was great to see God's work being done through these folks. I smiled all the way back to my car.

A kinda lewd, crude and rough edged rock radio station, doing the compassionate work of God in our city; and a church giving money to their cause. You gotta love a God who makes a world like this.

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Painting by Marcia Harris (2005)
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