Are You My Mother? - Rich Braaksma

August 07, 2016

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Media @ New Hope Calgary"a book that resonates with a search that every human being is on..."

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Be Thou my Vision

I Will Follow

He Knows My Name

Wholly Yours

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August 20, 2016
Insightful message. We continue to watch your videos at home, in S.Korea. This morning we loved the book "Are you my Mother" and it resonated with us as we begin our new school year as teachers. There are new students, teachers and staff joining us, and as leaders in our school we support these "newbies" in seeking to find our place, to fit in, to belong and ultimately seeking God. However, it's not only the "newbies" but all of us getting to know God and his love, grace and mercy for us. I pray that we can grow with New Hope Hillside and learn more about God to share with the world, in the world, for the world.
Mei-Lyn Freeman
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