Finding God in Finding Nemo - John Van Sloten

June 06, 2004

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryIn the beginning the ocean was created a beautiful place then the terrible reality of evil entered in.

A story of fathers and children, fear and rebellion, faith and heroes.

Clips Used from finding Nemo;
#1-Marlin and Corel's new home :27-3:13
#2-Nemo goes out to the boat, thumbing his nose at his dad he get's captured 12:26-15:16 freeze after engine starts #3-Pelican telling story to Nemo 58:45-59:52
#4 - Marlin needs a little faith, letting go inside of the whale 1:10:46-1:13:07 ends "we're alive".
#5- Nemo going to school, shows the change in his relationship with his dad 1:30:28 - 1:32:07 to "END"

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