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Small Groups Big Community

Activities @ New Hope Calgary Community is one of our core values.
One of the best ways for us to create a strong sense of community is in the nurturing, learning environment of a smaller group.

Two things we all have in common is a desire for belonging and some caution in entering into deeper community. These two things live in tension in our lives.

Sometimes we live in the place of wanting more connection and sometimes we resist it. The degree of tension changes in different seasons and places, but this is the reality of our experience.

Groups at church recognize the reality of this experience and that is why we have different kinds of groups with different purposes.
There are a variety of groups that are appropriate for those desiring different degrees of connecting.

A small group is any group that gathers on a regular basis with an agreed upon purpose. That purpose may be to have a potluck meal, study the Bible or set up chairs.

Groups may meet for a designated period of time or indefinitely.

The one common purpose of all the small groups at New Hope Church is to facilitate connections, belonging and a sense of community.

Current Groups
Set-up teams
Bible Study
Book club
Discussion Groups
Women's Group
Service @ Inn from the Cold
Africa Team
Crafts Group

More about Community

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