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Meditative Readings

Activities @ New Hope Calgary Introduction to the Meditations

It is only in the last couple of centuries that we have read scripture silently and in private.For most of the history of the church the Bible has been read and prayed communally and orally.

Listening to Scripture in ways that engage our senses as well as our heart and mind is a rich way to deepen our relationship with God.

When we pray with gospel passages using our imagination we encounter the living God in the living Word of the Bible through placing ourselves in the stories of Jesus. We allow the Holy Spirit to direct our thoughts and surface our feelings about who Jesus is, who we are and how we relate to Him.

We can also pray with Psalms and other scriptures in meditative ways. We can take a small portion of scripture and read it slowly many times, as we do so we meditate on the words or phrases that catch our attention. We stay with a word or phrase as long as it holds meaning for us and explore with God and Jesus what the meaning is. We allow the word to become part of us.

How and Why

Sometimes it is helpful to be led in prayer,
especially as we are beginning to pray in new ways.

If you would like to experience praying this way find a quiet spot,
try to limit the distractions around you, get comfortable and begin!

Play the readings from the player below, or download the readings to your computer, mp3 player or iPod. (right click to download, click to play)

Reading of the Beatitudes - Matthew 5:3-10

The Storm on the Sea of Galilee - Mark 4:35-41 - Heather Cowie

Psalm 8 - In praise of the Creator
Download mp3Length 6:50
or Read Passage

Luke 15 - Parable of the Lost Son
Download mp3Length 16:45
or Read Passage

Psalm 139 - Examining the Heart
Download mp3Length 14:31
or Read Passage

Luke 7 - Jesus Annointed
Download mp3Length 12:57
or Read Passage

Reading of the Gospel of John Chapter 1

Learning to Pray
There are many ways to pray this page describes some ways that Christians have prayed through the ages and provides links to online resources.

Sacred Space - A daily prayer and scripture reading.