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Activities @ New Hope Calgary Over the years I have come to see God not as a micromanager, Santa Claus or self-help guru, but as a deep, multi-faceted being who invites us into a deep, multi-faceted relationship. My passion is to explore and experience that relationship, and to help others do the same through my role as music coordinator at New Hope Hillside.

The line between sacred and secular has always been blurred for me. My family, while introducing me to the church, isn't much into religion. I went to public school, and then on to university, where I earned a bachelor's degree in education. I have taught in the Calgary public system for over 30 years. My spiritual journey has passed through Young Life, the Anglican Church, both in its traditional and charismatic forms, and the Vineyard movement. Throughout my journey, I have found God, and He has found me, through music - all kinds of music. My personal 'Book of Psalms' contains traditional hymns, tunes from the Vineyard and Hillsongs, David Crowder, Gungor, Paul Baloche, Chris Tomlin and Tim Hughes, right alongside Coldplay, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Dave Matthews - you've likely guessed my age demographic by now - Mumford and Sons, The Decembrists and so many more. NHH's vision and 'two book meets missional' worldview resonate with me, bringing my two worlds together in a beautiful fusion.