New Hope Calgary - Music, life to our souls

Music, life to our souls

"Music: Understanding and enjoying one of God's greatest gifts"

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Our Hearts and God's Heart in Reggae Rhythm

"As with every aspect of life there is the Almighty, so is with Reggae Music Reggae Music a gift. A gift to unify, strengthen, educate the tiny dot on the map [Jamaica] has influenced cultural changes globally. Reggae Music being fused with other genres has created different moods for everyone to enjoy."
Kafinal (Toronto, Jamaica)

God & Truth and Mumford & Sons

"I don't really like that word," he tells senior writer Brian Hiatt in his band's first Rolling Stone cover story. "It comes with so much baggage. So, no, I wouldn't call myself a Christian
Marcus Mumford, Rolling Stone, March 2013

Alicia Keys, No One and the Love of God

I know some people search the world
To find something like what we have
I know people will try try to divide something so real
So till the end of time I'm telling you there ain't no one
No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling
No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you, you, you
Alicia Keys, No One

The Countercultural Spirit of Bob Dylan

"[When I was young] I had this feeling that I was born very far away from where I was supposed to be, so....I'm on my way home."
Bob Dylan, No Direction Home