New Hope Calgary - Discovering God in Science

Discovering God in Science

We believe that science gives us more to know God with.

A report that reviews the impact of the Faith and Science series funded by the Templeton Foundation in 2012. Read/download report (400kb pdf)

*NEW in Science*

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Interviews with Dr's Benno Nigg and Masaki Hayashi from the University of Calgary.


Finding God in Science

Traumatic or stressful experiences during critical windows of our lives, such as childhood or adolescence, can profoundly influence how resilient we will be to the challenges we face later on."
Jackie, University of Calgary

"Geophysics allow us to see things we can't see."
Lee Wamsteeker, Geophysicist

"One characteristic of good science... is that it has to look good... that there has to be some elegance, beauty in it, things that make sense."
Dr. Masaki Hayashi, Geoscientist, U of C

"One of the most beautiful things is the ankle joint..."
Dr. Benno Nigg, Professor of Biomechanics, U of C