• Posted on October 29, 2010

infant found alive in storm drain after Indonesian tsunami

This picture headlined on MSNBC this morning. How could I NOT be reminded of Moses? And of the God who saves us, even in the midst of great calamity…

  • Posted on December 18, 2008

feeling my face

I’m glad no one walked into the room as I was feeling my face. I’d just read a surgeon’s words regarding our world’s newest face transplant patient, “I must tell you how happy she was when, with both her hands, she could go over her face and feel that she has a nose, feel that […]

  • Posted on February 04, 2008

sufficiency wake up call

The US sub-prime mortgage mess is now saddling us with hundreds of billions of dollars of global losses, global markets are trembling, banks are scrambling to find their balance, our personal retirement funds are taking a hit, and now we’re second guessing the wisdom of that recently acquired line of credit. We feel victimized by […]

  • Posted on January 28, 2008

paper towel coasters

We were sitting in the Fats Bar and Grill on Tenth Street when he did something unforgettably beautiful. Half an hour earlier I was preaching a sermon on how the city is a refuge for the last, least and the lost, and he was dumpster diving just outside of our church doors… His name was […]

  • Posted on January 02, 2008

becoming more content

Last Sunday, when I was driving home from church – taking that last turn onto my street – I saw a man pushing two strollers – one was filled with a large bag holding empty pop cans and bottles. At first I drove by him (like I often do)… I feel like the priest in […]