• Posted on December 16, 2011

God’s word through the Large Hadron Collider

Here’s an article I wrote for ThinkChristian on the LHC.

  • Posted on October 05, 2010

scientific discovery and eternal life

Who knew that scientific discovery was, in part, motivated by the search for eternal life?  A few days ago I read about physicist Theodore H. Maiman.  He discovered the laser 50 years ago, but surprisingly never got the Nobel for his work.   While he died in 2007, his friends and supporters still believed that his place […]

  • Posted on August 06, 2010

neuron discipleship

I was thinking about mirror neurons as I was cycling this afternoon (really). They’re recently “discovered” neurons that are a subset of the motor neurons in our frontal cortex.  While motor neurons fire whenever we move, mirror neurons fire when someone else moves -  as though virtually mimicking the action of another.   They fire even if […]

  • Posted on May 01, 2010

aliens among us

Stephen Hawking’s recent comment that an alien visit would not work out well for us – just like Columbus’ visit wasn’t very good for the natives – shocked a lot of souls.  When someone this esteemed makes this kind of comment you have to listen.  Last month 22,000 people were asked if they believed that […]

  • Posted on April 08, 2010

Knowing God through your body

Yesterday these words from dance choreographer Wen Wei Wang caught my attention, “I read movement like other people read words.”   My immediate reaction was, “I want to learn that language too!  So that I can discern God’s truth through the world of movement, via his greatest handiwork, the human body.” The quote came from a larger […]

  • Posted on December 03, 2008

a celestial visit

A couple of nights ago Venus and Jupiter visited the moon. At first I thought they were just bright stars, but they seemed too bright for that dusky time of day. They must be planets. And they were. I had to pause and take a picture. How cool is that; a moment where God smiles […]

  • Posted on February 13, 2008

Faith and science control freaks…

I read the obituary of world class physicist, Robert Jastrow, this morning. He had an interesting insight into the whole faith v. science debate. While I’ve always been able to see the ‘control freak’ factor playing out in those who espouse a radical fundamentalist faith position in these matters, I never considered that this same […]