• Posted on January 22, 2010

“Obama’s War on Wall Street”

This headline from the front page of this morning’s Report on Business was written in response to new, more restrictive, banking regulations that are being proposed by the Obama administration. The new laws are intended to curb banking greed and speculation, and protect main street’s money. After reading the article, I sat down to read […]

  • Posted on September 01, 2008

Gustav, God and the GOP

Last night, a CBC news report showed a week-old youtube clip of a Focus on the Family dude talking about how great it would be were God to send a storm to rain out last week’s Democratic National Convention. (Obama’s speech was held in an open air stadium.) How ironic that the Republicans are now […]

  • Posted on March 04, 2008

God’s message through Barack Obama

So what is it about Barack Obama? Why the huge attraction to this political phenom? Some say it’s his charismatic oratory. No doubt that’s true. The man can talk! But the bigger draw may lie in the content of his message; his hope for reconciliation. In a world shattered by schism – war, racial divide, […]