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The value of a Haitian boy

Last night’s Haitian telethon was quite moving.  I kept thinking, “All these celebrities seem so genuine, so human.”  There was no flashing of their big names, not a lot of Hollywood makeup or pretense – just a group of people trying to help.  At least it seemed that way.  There were a couple of scenes in the American telecast where CNN anchor Anderson Cooper briefly interviewed two children who were saved out of the debris.  The kids were pretty shy, and very beautiful.  Later that evening the thought struck me, “These kids, and all of the Haitian people, were very beautiful before the earthquake hit as well.”  If only we’d recognized that fact earlier.  If only we’d been better global neighbours.  Maybe they’d have had stronger houses, better emergency response systems, and more resources for their recovery.   Thank God it’s not to late to love them and catch up.