• Posted on June 20, 2011

Imagine Seeing Again

Last week, as part of my research for a sermon on Seeing Again, I visited a Yousuf Karsh photography exhibit at the Glenbow Museum.  I have always loved this famous Canadian’s eye.  He has a great gift for capturing the essence of his subjects.  And his dramatic use of light and shadow is compelling.  But […]

  • Posted on April 25, 2011

Cycling, Rothko, Icons and Exhortation

Just back from a 30k ride.  Usually my mind clears by 15k… not this time.  Three thoughts were concurrently running through my mind. They were all the same; of the same essence.  The first was one had to do with abstract art.  In God in the Gallery author Daniel Siedell writes about the nature of abstract […]

  • Posted on December 13, 2010

Long awaited video finally released…

… of me blowing glass (we edited out the part where I swore after burning my hand).   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gXm5BzysR4

  • Posted on November 16, 2010

airport blindness

I’m just reading Alain de Botton’s new book on work and in it he describes someone’s daily commute into London.  His words reminded me of the sad experience I have in Chicago’s O’Hare airport every time I’m there.  It has to do with two of the coolest things that no one (except children) ever notices.  In terminal […]

  • Posted on October 30, 2010

Sarah Van Sloten at the Truck Gallery

Here are a few pictures of my daughter’s first big gig post graduating.  http://www.truck.ca/

  • Posted on June 13, 2009

sarah’s brilliance

My artist daughter works at a retail craft store. Yesterday, after closing, she gathered up a few scraps from the store floor, scanned them in, and created these. I think they’re brilliant. The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. sarah’s brilliance Authored by: Anonymous […]

  • Posted on March 30, 2009

the parables are everywhere

I just saw this image in an old TIME LIFE book. The caption read, “A six year old orphan from Austria ecstatically embraces a brand new pair of shoes just given to him by the Red Cross.” It’s a powerful image, and in my mind it’s a parable; The parable of the prodigal son… When […]