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Pastor John Van Sloten
During phase one of his life, John worked as a real estate developer back in Toronto (planning and constructing shopping centres, office towers, etc…). For the past 10 years he(along with others) has been building something different. Through John’s calling into the ministry – a huge realization of the active, moving presence of God in the world – God planted a unique idea into the vision and community of New Hope Church. The past 12 years have been an exciting unfolding of that divine plan. (for more on what all of that means, read the first chapter of the book here )

John is 48 years old, is married to Fran and has three children; Sarah, a creative arts student, Thomas a high school science whiz, and Edward, their most loveable downy boy.

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  1. Ben Robinson

    Hi John,

    I’m reading your book, The Day Metallica Came to Church, right now and I think it’s very good. I thought I’d point you in the direction of Sufjan Stevens. If you haven’t done a sermon on his music, check him out. His new album, Carrie and Lowell, is especially good.



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