Preaching Coldplay on Sunday

This morning’s sermon research is listening to and trying to discern the Spirit’s whisperings in Coldplay’s new album Mylo Xyloto (I know, I’ve got the best job in the world!). I’m thinking of focussing on the lyrics that sound a lot like prayers.  If you’ve heard any while listening to the album, let me know.  […]

Coldplay and Viva la Vida

Ok, next Sunday my sermon text (among others) is gonna be Coldplay’s, Viva la Vida. The question I’m bringing to the text is this, “What might the Holy Spirit be saying to us through this song?” What truths might God be speaking/singing here? I’d like some help searching out the answers. If you want be […]

Last Church Service (in West Hillhurst)

Tomorrow will be our last church service in the West Hillhurst Community Centre (on August 30th we move, on September 6th we ‘church picnic’ and on September 13th we’re in our new digs at the former Rocky Mountain College). So much of what NHC is has happened here… desperately trying to remove the bingo smoke […]

how everything preaches

A couple days ago I had a great talk over coffee with a new friend. He asked me questions about the book/vision that no one has ever asked before (gotta love those kinds of conversation partners).  We talked about whether God’s revelation through a created thing is occasional or not – is it only for […]

“Jesus speaking through Matisyahu?”

My new scholarly theological friend shuddered a bit as he commented on a statement that I made in my Festival of Faith and Music workshop.  “Can you really say that,” he asked, “That Jesus is speaking through Matisyahu?”  From a Christian theological perspective I think I can.  I believe Matisyahu is made in the image of […]