I have a Patron!

I just left a meeting with Chris Dobbin (a Calgary Real Estate Developer who’s been watching the ‘everywhere God vision’ unfold for many years now).

And I’m still trembling.

Chris just ‘bought’ 50 copies of Every Job a Parable for $5000.00! And then he said, “I want to do this monthly.” What he meant was that he wanted to become a patron in relation to my future work as a writer, teacher, speaker, or whatever.

“As far as I can see nobody else is doing this… anywhere,” Chris said. “This idea has got to get out there!” And so Chris is helping get it out there. He offered me office space in his Kensington Road building if I needed it and wants to help in whatever way he can.

This is overwhelming! In part because of the support and timing of it all. But even more so because of what God is saying through this little ‘parable of a moment’.

At the end of our meeting Chris asked if he could pray for me. When he finished praying I jumped in; thanking God for Chris and for his generosity. And then I said, “And God, what makes this so powerful for me is that this support is coming from a real estate developer (my first career!)… its like his words of encouragement are being spoken in a language I understand…  with a kind of entrepreneurial authority and vision that I get… and in some way this helps me  know that it’s you at work in behind Chris…  this support is coming from YOU…. so thank you for making Chris an icon of your grace!”

Or something like that…  we were both blubbering a bit a this point!

And finally, what was also so beautiful in that meeting was Chris’s joy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so delighted in the giving moment. Surely his heart is a pointer to God’s giving heart!

As I left Chris gave me a hug and said he loved me. He felt like a brother in that moment… which of course – he is.



One thought on “I have a Patron!

  1. Dean

    This is really amazing! I’m so happy for your to get this opportunity. Thank you Chris for investing in John so beautifully.

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