My Future Plans

Ten days before my final day at the church I had a dream. In that dream a last minute, all-expense-paid, round-the-world trip was being offered to a small group of people (of whom I was a part)… offered to anyone who was able take it… who was free to take it.

I woke from that dream right in the middle of the moment where I was realizing that, because I had just left my job and had nothing on my agenda, I was totally free to take the trip! While everyone had previous commitments, I didn’t. At that moment my life was wide open.

And it is wide open now.

This past week I’ve been feeling as though I need to make it moreso. I need to do for my body what I did for my schedule (exercise and get back in shape again… so that I’ll have the energy, strength and acuity for what lies ahead). I need to the same for my emotional health (let myself rest a bit…  20 years was a long run… stop with all the pressure to produce). I also need to free up my spirit (learn how to pray again and read my bible more consistently and deeply… so that I will be able to discern what lies ahead). And I need to get serious about reigning in my behavior, my sinful nature (try to be more fully human again… a better version of me… finish well character wise).  And lastly, I feel like I need to let the artist part of me have a bit more latitude (open up my imagination more so that I’ll be able to grasp what God has planned… catch it when it flies by).

I feel like I need to spend the next few weeks (or perhaps months) leaning in this direction… entering into this more free and available place. This I know for sure.

As for what will fill my time in the year ahead I still have no idea. It may involve stewarding Every Job a Parable (things seem quite positive so far). It may involve writing my next book on the human body (God’s Body Language). It may involve teaching or speaking more. I’m really not sure.

But one thing I am sure of is that this ‘experiencing God everywhere’ vision needs to get out there more. Three years ago I began to realize that one small church in Calgary can’t hold it all… nor can the role of a traditional pastor. So now this step has been taken… and I can hardly wait for what lies ahead.




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  1. Chris Dobbin

    The experiencing God vision being expanded is very necessary I think. Call me sometime
    403-804-0844. Blessings, Chris

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