Top 5 Biologos Conference Moments

5. Watching uber-theologian N. T. Wright and US National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins sing a song on the book of Genesis (that they wrote together… really).

4.  Being asked, “Where can I go to learn how to preach science like this?” after my talk on preaching Supernovas, Neurons and Knees as text. I told the man about my preaching class at Ambrose Seminary in May.

3. Seeing so much green while out walking, and the sun so high in the sky, and palm trees.

2. Realizing last night that the greater risk for me right now would be to ‘not’ heed God’s call to step into the unknown at the end of the month (in terms of the long view).

1. Seeing a Van Gogh that I’ve never seen before (along with a few other works that make me smile).




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