The Human Body (as text)


For the past six weeks I’ve been saying to myself, ‘But what if we don’t get the grant?’ Now that we’ve been awarded the grant I’m thinking, ‘Oh no… we got the grant!’

The proposal we submitted was pretty fulsome; eight sermons on various human body parts, the development of a Lectio Scientia (a ‘way’ for scientists to engage God at work), the inclusion of dozens of doctors, biologists, researchers, students and local pastors in the research process, attending and presenting at two conferences, and the writing of a book.

This week I began reviewing all of the quotes/thoughts re: science and faith that I’ve been accumulating over the years. So much good stuff for this project, like this quote,

“When Christ took on human nature, the DNA that made him the son of Mary may have linked him to a more ancient heritage stretching far beyond Adam to the shallows of unimaginably ancient seas. And so, in the Incarnation, it would not have been just human nature that was joined to the Divine, but in a less direct but no less real sense all those myriad organisms that had unknowingly over the eons shaped the way for the coming of the human.”  (McMullin, Ernan. “Plantinga’s Defense of Special Creation.” Christian Scholar’s Review XXI.1 (1991): 55-79. as quoted by Rich Mouw in…/learning-to-celebrate-creation-togeth… )

I took the idea further and thought that if we’re all made of stardust, then Jesus took on the universe when he took on a human body.

Then, as I was re-reading Lesslie Newbigin’s Proper Confidence, I realized that perhaps the best way to know an embodied Jesus is through the whole of our physical bodies. Yes, we can know him through words (read and heard), but can we also know him through our hands, eyes, knees and lungs (touched, seen, moved through and breathed in)? What would a full embodied engagement with Jesus look like?

Then I wrote a fully formed paragraph for my book introduction… and then some of the outline started to become clear. Then a conclusion presented itself and two pastors emailed saying they’d like to be a part of the project.

Then I realized that God has this whole thing in hand. And I am so excited for the year that lies ahead.