Seeds, trees and budding leaves; all pointing to Christ

Yesterday I preached on the iconic nature of germinating seeds; anchored into the soil and reaching for the sky, connecting heaven and earth, mysteriously moving from darkness to light. Every plant and tree that fills our city (and world) is a pointer to the incarnate Christ. As I walked this morning I pondered these truths with the chorus of a new Decembrist’s song running though my head;

“I am hopeful, should I be hopeful, all around me
When all around me…

Is the sunlight, it’s the shadows
Is the quiet, it’s the word
Is the beating heart
Is the ocean, it’s the boy
Is you, my sweet love
Oh, my love
And the light, bright light
And the light, bright light
Bright light, bright light
It’s all around me…”

At times it was hard to keep my eyes dry. Everywhere the  gospel being preached… all around me.  It took me three hours and 268 photos of trees in glorious bud to do my one hour walk. Here are a few of the images that slowed me down…

IMG_8014 IMG_8003 IMG_7988 IMG_7944 IMG_7917 IMG_7907 IMG_7873 IMG_7864 IMG_7813 IMG_7807 IMG_7801 IMG_7754