Preaching the Parable of a Florist


This is how it works…  I just sent an email to a botany professor (from a faith based school) for my upcoming sermon on a florist. After making my introduction I wrote;

“I have a question (if you have the time). I’m preaching a sermon on the vocation of a florist (how their job is a, kind of, embodied parable illumining the heart of God) and am wondering why God (the original floral arranger) created so may different kinds of flowers…  or more scientifically, why are there so many kinds of flowers in this world? I’m hoping that the answer to that question, will illumine something about the mind and heart of God, that will highlight where florist’s vocationally image him (in their continued filling of the earth with floral beauty).

(imagine exegeting everyone’s job like this!)

 (I love my job!)