The Parable of a Teacher

Teacher 2Tonight I’m meeting with a few elementary and high school teachers to discern and exegete ‘The Parable of a Teacher’.

Over the past year and a half I’ve been working on a book that explores the idea of our jobs as embodied parables – real life vocational stories, authored by God, through which and within which, He speaks (reveals himself) and accomplishes his will. To date I’ve preached on all kinds of jobs – accountants, doctors, Walmart greeters, servers, scientists, psychologists, farmers, stylists, firefighters, judges and more. The hope in preaching these vocational sermons is that people will be enabled to experience God’s presence at work more; know him in real time as they image Him at work.

These are the questions I sent to the teachers in preparation for tonight’s talk;

1. What do you love most about teaching? Describe a ‘just right’ teaching moment you’ve had as a teacher – what made that moment so right? What were you feeling?

2. Believing that you are made in the image of God, what does ‘what you felt in that just right moment’ say about who God is, about what God is like?

3. God made you with desires and passions that image him. Have you ever experienced God’s teaching heart in a ‘just right’ teaching moment?

4. As you consider the specific ways you image God through your teaching, what bible stories, verses or theological truths come to mind?

If you teach, and have any thoughts in relation to the above, please post a comment!