Thanking Dad for my Tyco Slot Car Racetrack

This morning, as I’m writing chapter nine of my book – on how gratitude can help us experience God’s presence at work – I recalled a great Christmas gift story from my past;

“When I was a young boy I remember my brother and I getting a Tyco slot car racetrack for Christmas. We couldn’t believe it! I don’t recall even seeing my parent’s faces as I opened the box. All that mattered at the time was the gift; those red and yellow cars, the matte black track with metallic grooves and plastic guard rails, those motorized chasses with real rubber wheels! When I was young, the gift was all I saw. But as I got older I learned to see beyond the gift; to see the person who brought it, who spent the time to think about me, what I’d like and whether it would be appropriate, who gave of themselves – spending their resources for the joy it would bring me.  Thinking about this now, I kind of wish I’d seen my parent’s faces; filled with what must have been a smiling delight.”

After I wrote those words I called my dad, at the seniors residence where he now lives, and read him the paragraph. He could hardly wait until I was finished to express his delight. You could hear the joy in his voice… as he choked up at the memory. How beautiful, after all these years, to properly complete that giving transaction…  to say, “Thanks Dad. I love you.”