Excited to Preach a Server Sermon

Last night I told my wife how excited I was to preach on a ‘server’ this weekend. The image bearing correlation between a server’s nature and God’s has been illumining. Who knew that their yearnings, desires and actions could reveal something about who God is?  “It’s different than preaching a song, or a film, or a scientific truth,” I said to Fran. “When you preach a human being at work, you’re preaching an alive, moving image bearing text. It’s like the co-illumination is happening in 3D!”

God is not static. He moves. His attributes are acted out. God empowers, speaks, listens, heals, touches, creates, and serves. So, no surprise then, that the engagement of any embodied text is so compelling. A moving image bearer can profoundly reveal our ever-moving God.

The power of this type of preaching also continues to impact those who help research the message. One server was deeply moved when I told her that Jesus knows what it’s like to have his service ignored, rejected and abused. Imagine how she might now have more to ‘know Christ with’ in a difficult customer service moment. Another former server said that our conversation rekindled his passion to start up a service-based company he’d been considering. All it took was a naming and reclaiming of all of God’s here-and-now goodness and wisdom in the act of serving.

This same story has played out for all of the vocational sermons of late; for judges, geologists, stylists, physicians, scientists, engineers, artists, electricians…

Which makes sense when you consider that it will take a world full of images-bearers-at-work to even begin capturing some of the fullness of our ever-working God.


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