Preaching a Person’s Job

This morning I got an email from one of the people who helped write Sunday’s sermon; “Thanks for the note and your willingness to come out to Momentum. I really appreciate you showing a genuine interest in our work. I am definitely looking forward to the sermon this weekend.”

As I read his words I couldn’t help but recall all of the similar notes I’ve received over the years, from electricians, mechanics, accountants, Walmart greeters, research scientists, farmers, photographers, stylists, bankers, landlords and more. Every time I’ve preached on a vocation – an embodied parable through which God speaks – people have expressed a profound sense of gratitude.  “I cried when I watched the sermon video,” said Canada’s biggest landlord. “Geophysics has been made new for me”, said one geophysicist. A Walmart greeter feels new esteem for her work. Accountants, who had never considered God’s presence in their books before, now do.

Last week I sent the first half of my new manuscript to two big US publishers (a new friend in Calgary told me he was friends with the head editors at both companies and put me in contact – personal email addresses… so providential!). I’ve already got one response, saying that he’ll get to the manuscript ASAP. That this publishing head even sent a note is encouraging.

I need to get this book written. I’m betting that there are tens of thousands of people of faith who have yet to do the vocational math on their work, who’ve yet to engage in a theological dialogue with their pastor about their job, who’ve yet to read the parable that is their job, who’ve yet to experience their community celebrating their work, who’ve yet to clearly hear God’s voice and experience the power of his presence at work.