Hearing God through History

On October 20th we’ll be continuing our series entitled God@School. This month’s message is going to focus on the God who speaks through history. Theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg saw God’s revelation as “essentially a public and universal historical event which is recognized and interpreted as an “act of God”” (Alister McGrath). Pannenberg argues that most of the bible is revelation via history (as opposed to a direct manifestation of God’s presence). He saw this revelation as publicly accessible, something we could only see clearly in retrospect and a phenomenon that was fully realized in the person and life of Jesus Christ.

So if Pannenberg is right, if God does speak through history, how can we learn to read and hear his voice there?  To get at the answer to this question I need the help of a few history geeks. I think the answer is found in what they love.  So history buffs, chime in… how would you answer this question?

What do you love about being a student of history? Describe one of those ‘aha’ moments where you get lost in your study of history, where time disappears, you’re caught up in the flow and it feels like an epiphany of sorts.

One thought on “Hearing God through History

  1. Zaak

    Communism views history as god; communism’s goal is to bring history into its golden age. So everything builds and builds and then tada! we have paradise. It’s an interesting distortion of how Christians view history.

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