God’s Word through Language Arts

Next Sunday I’m preaching the first sermon of a new series entitled, God@School. Language Arts will be this weekend’s focus. Below are four research questions that I’ve sent out to three LA teachers (feel free to comment if you have any thoughts);

1. What does the created gift of language say about who God is?

2. How do good grammar, metaphor and eloquence (and other elements of LA) specifically reveal the nature of their Maker?

3. How does the gift of language allow humanity to better flourish?

4. How do you experience God in the process of teaching language arts? (try to think of specific ‘God Moment’ times that directly relate to your vocation).

This morning I’ve been pondering these words from Psalm 81 – “If my people would only listen to me…” verse 13, NIV. We are made in the image of a God who created and uses language. God speaks. Jesus spoke a human language. He was eloquent, creative, poetic and funny (at times). Before any element of language ever came to be, it was a thought in the mind of God. God gave us language – in part – so that we could relate – with each other and with him.

What does the nature of language teach us about who God is?

One thought on “God’s Word through Language Arts

  1. JVS

    A teacher at the local Christian school just sent me this LA course description – uncanny how it lines up with what I wrote above;

    “God has called us to be his image bearers and to reflect His love. Language is one of the most valuable gifts God has given us to use to carry out that task. In developing our gifts of communication we also learn and understand more fully the nature of our relationship with God, His creation and with our neighbour. It is the goal of Language Arts 8 to develop the gifts of talking and listening, reading and writing, viewing and representing.”

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