Preaching Formula One

Couldn’t help think of Abraham Kuyper while researching Formula One this morning…

“There is not a single square centimetre of a Ferrari F1 car that has escaped the closest examination in pursuit of either mechanical or aerodymanic perfection.” Maurice Hamilton, Inside Ferrari, page 76

“There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!” Abraham Kuyper, Dutch polymath.

Formula One belongs to God.

So my exegetical questions in preparation for Sunday’s sermon are these;

‘What happens when you take a highly tuned, culturally mandated, product and partner it with world-class, image bearing, hand/eye/body/mind coordination? And how exactly does Formula One racing testify to the brilliant, fast moving, peak performing, risk taking mind of God?’

*Photo credit – a oblique macro that I took of part of a photo taken by Jon Nicholson, Inside Ferarri

One thought on “Preaching Formula One

  1. Bill Tuininga


    as one who has been to a few Indy car races and who likes to watch them now and then on TV, this one caught my attention. I could have sent you a few photos of these incredibly well built cars, even one with me standing right beside one.

    But to the point: I loved your analogy. What also impressed me in going to an Edmonton Indy, was that after the race each car gets inspected closely (every inch) to make sure it qualified. Now, if we preachers were gone over so carefully after each message, we might be disqualified for next Sunday’s ‘race’.

    Thankfully, we preach grace by grace.

    Bill Tuininga

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