Things Stylists say that make me think of God

I just spent the morning listening to interviews with and reading the words of four stylists (they’re helping me with Sunday’s sermon on God’s truth in their jobs). As I teased out their vocational passions, they kept saying things that made me think of God

1.  “I want every hair to do what I’m telling it to until I see them again…” (“Even the very hairs of your head are all numbered…” Jesus in MT 10:30)

2.  “I love hearing the words I trust you…”

3.  “I love giving people what they didn’t even know they needed… confidence in who they are.”

4. ” I love helping people see and feel their beauty and their worth. Not just because they have the “right” haircut or color, but simply that they are worth another individual pouring energy and time into them, making them feel radiant.”

5. “I think the essence of a (good) stylist is [to possess] an enthusiastic, open-minded, considerate, strong, creative, consistent, and warm nature complemented with close attention to detail.”

6. ” The things that feel ‘just right’ [about being a stylist] are the hair in my hands, the scissors spinning in and out of my palm with ease, and the comb finding its place somewhere between without dropping to the ground, or catching in a knot of hair. What really feels ‘just right,’ is all of these things happening simultaneously without labour.”

7. “I love working with people… It’s really amazing to be able to call them beautiful and see how it impacts them.”