Architecture Sermon Thought Exercise

Wanna help with Sunday’s sermon on Architecture?  Close your eyes and think of a time when you were in a physical place/space that was beautiful, just right, true, alive, whole, free and eternal. Engage all of your senses; what did it feel, smell, sound, look and taste like? If you can, try to describe that place in two sentences (and post as a comment)  Thanks.



3 thoughts on “Architecture Sermon Thought Exercise

  1. Kayleigh

    The sense of wonder and magic is first brought on by the music – trumpets, strings, cymbols – and my excitement bubbles up as my heart beats faster. Then I see the train engine – bright red and glistening waiting to take me to a new place – then the peaks of the castle top, the snow covered shops and a tall sign. I pause at the sign, lost in wonder and not sure which direction I want to go first. I smell the fresh air, full of the blossoms of spring, mingled with the sweet light scent of something reminiscent of butterscotch. My eyes are delighted as I step into one of my dreams becoming a reality for the first time and I am amazed and awed that I am here, walking in a place I have imagined for so long and never dreamed I would actually step into. My heart leaps within me and I am overwhelmed – so blessedly fortunate to be here.

    (Okay that was more than two sentences but two sentences just wasn’t going to cut it – I am a writer after all and I COULD go on… but I won’t)

  2. Michelle Gritter

    Burnstick Lake, Alberta.

    Shiny water, reflecting loons and trees. Mountains too. Look, there’s a moose.

  3. Karen Anderson

    Salisbury Cathedral in Southern England.

    Soaring above me
    Safe, solid
    Light filled
    Souls of saints and sinners
    Heavy with God-Presence

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