Is there a dog?

In two weeks I’m going to be preaching a sermon on man’s (woman’s) best friend.  Seeing as I’m not a dog person (and living in Calgary?… how can that be!), I could use some help.  How would you answer the following sermon research questions;

1. What is it about a dog that is uniquely ‘just right’ (as opposed to any other pet)?

2. How would you describe a dog’s nature? What makes a dog a dog?

3. What do you love most about having a dog?  How does your dog make you feel?

4. When you think of the nature of a dog, what truths about God (the maker of all dogs) come to mind?

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4 thoughts on “Is there a dog?

  1. Tara Phillips

    In terms of the ‘just right’ factor, I agree with the other opinions here. But what’s more, they have a ‘personality’ that no other animal can replicate. They truly do give back as much as they receive.

    A dog’s nature is what I imagine a young child to be like. You will always love them, but sometimes they can be stubborn, opinionated, impatient, throw a tantrum, make a mess, and have accidents. Despite all of these draw backs, you can quickly gloss over those ‘imperfections’ in their behavior because of all the times they did things right, all the times they sat when you told them to sit, all the smiles they put on old folks’ faces in the elevator, all the times you’ve come home after work to find that she HASN’T destroyed anything and her consistent greeting at the door when you arrive home. Dog’s teach you how to constantly forgive, and how you are constantly forgiven. You can’t hold a grudge against a dog like you can hold a grudge against a person.

    When my dog hangs out at the park with other dogs, she teaches me how to be social and not discriminate. My dog is willing to be friends with any other dog who gives her a chance. Rejection has never gotten her down (and she’s been rejected NUMEROUS times). She knows that just because another dog is twice her size, or half her size, it doesn’t mean that they can’t have a fantastic time playing tug of war.

    The experience you benefit from depends on what you put into it. If you do the bare minimum (feed, poop, walk, provide shelter), you will see little joy and a lot of ‘chore’ out of the relationship. But if you’re willing to put time, patience, effort, trust, companionship, attention, and love into our dog, you will not only have a loyal friend for the rest of his/her life, you will have a relationship that you couldn’t imagine yourself without and a joy that you want to share with others.

    Sounds a lot like the kind of relationship we strive for with God.

  2. Lynn Dunn

    I had every kind of pet most people could ever have (dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles, gerbils, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, and occasionally the school rabbit) , and our dogs were the only creatures we ever had that were: unconditionally loving, loyal, faithful, always glad to see me, intuitive, comforting when I was unhappy, sick, etc., protective, and wanting to be around me as much as possible. Those qualities made dogs ‘just right’.
    Dogs are eager to please, and want love from the people they love. They want to be played with, fed, petted, walked, and talked to. They want to be where you are. (They usually also want to be comforted in thunder/lightning storms.) They really don’t ask for much more than that. If you’re late, they forgive you. If you are in a bad mood,or sad, they creep over to you and try to cheer you up just by being there. They listen to you when you drone on and on about things that bug you. They wait patiently for you to blow off steam, and then pay them some attention. They just love you. None of the other animals I mentioned would do any of those things.
    I love the companionship and the tranquility that a dog can bring into my life. I really miss being able to have a dog (my husband wouldn’t want one under any circumstances!).
    Truths about God when I think about dogs? Forgiveness, unconditional love, comfort, wanting to be with you always, peace giver, soul lifter…They want you to love them and to be with them.

  3. Brianna

    Dogs are special creatures. Just as Barb Bierman said, dogs are intuitive and they love unconditionally. They’re also very loyal. For the most part, humans have to do very little to earn the respect, love, and loyalty of dogs. All a dog seems to ask for is a little attention and kindness and he’ll give it back to you tenfold.

    I rescue stray dogs. Currently, I’m caring for 10 dogs. Three of them were my own before I started taking in strays. I also have a parakeet. Although I believe my parakeet is a wonderful pet, he’s not like a dog. He can’t sit beside me on the couch, he doesn’t like to have his tummy rubbed, and doesn’t have this goofy “smile” on his face whenever I get home. It’s a completely different kind of relationship.

    My dogs makes me feel worthy of everything good in the world, like I’m more than just an average person struggling to get by. When I have a bad day, my dogs know it and they do all sorts of things to cheer me up. They’ll bring me their toys, rest their head on my lap, or do some sort of crazy, playful behavior. I never feel lonely, hopeless, or worthless whenever I have a dog with me.

    God makes me feel the same way. I’ve done so little for Him, but He continues to bless me everyday with his presence. Just like the dogs, God loves me no matter my faults. I know both God and my dogs will always continue to love and watch over me. A dog once saved my life. God saved my soul. I will always be thankful for these furry, four-legged angels.

  4. Barb Bierman

    Dogs are the best pets because they are intuitive in a way no other pet can be. They can just tell what you are feeling and they always respond accordingly. Dogs get their love by giving love. They are happiest when you are happiest. Our dog always works extra hard to ingratiate herself with the visitor who doesn’t like dogs and tries to change their minds about her. Ultimately, dogs bring down the “pressure” in a household. They are very good at relaxing and they will let you know when fun and exercise are needed. I work at home and my dog brings me her toy and leash and multiple appropriate times throughout the day. If I get busy, she never does! Dogs are great unconditionally loving companions. As I think about my dog, and think about God the maker of all dogs, I am reminded that God also works hard to stay connected to me even when I get busy. He also loves unconditionally. He also knows what is going on intuitively and knows just how to respond. Never thought about it this way before! Now I have to go, my dog is outside barking at something!

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