God’s Provincial providence

I just fired off  letters to the editors of two of Alberta’s largest newspapers saying,

“This morning I opened my son’s monthly AISH disability pension deposit notification and promptly broke into tears. Because our provincial government has kept its promise, he now has an extra $400. per month to live on and save. I can’t tell you how much this means to our family. As a pastor, with a limited salary, I’ve often struggled with properly preparing for my son’s future. Now the burden has been significantly lightened – by a province full of people. This is the kind of Alberta I love; hard working, compassionate and generous. I just wanted to write and say thanks.”

Yesterday afternoon, a worker from another provincial department sat in our living room and told us of a, one time, $1500. bonus the government has given us to pass on to our respite care workers.  Yesterday morning I snapped this photo of Edward heading off to his fully funded and staffed work and leisure program, boarding a bus that is available to him 24/7 for $40. month.

Taking all of this in, all I feel is the providential love and care of God!  Through the icon of a bus and the parable of a caring provincial government, I see his face.