“Through him and for him…”

Every once in a while you preach a sermon and are struck by it’s weight. Last Sunday I felt that …  this morning I still feel that.

My text was Colossians 1:15-20.  The passage speaks of the supremacy of Christ in both creation and the church.  The phrase that continues to weigh on me is, “all things have been created through him and for him.”  All things are made through Christ and for Christ.

The point I made in the message was that, if everything is made through Christ, we’re going to have to read/engage all things in order to fully understand who he is. Everything there is to know about who Jesus is will only be known as we read the whole universe (which was made through him – Hebrews 1:2).  It’s takes a whole universe to give full expression to who Jesus is.  And it will take the knowledge of every square inch of the universe’s wisdom, beauty and truth to give Christ the glory, honour and praise due his name.  Only a word as big as the universe is big enough to elicit enough praise to affirm just how much everything is for him.  Anyways, it all just kind of blew me away.

Through him and for him… five words that seem to hold it all when it comes to defining what we’re doing here at New Hope Church.  Everything I am and do comes as a gift from him. It’s all made through him, co-created with him, and worshipfully for him.

And our calling is to live in the mystical space between through and for.  I feel like I need to take on a new spiritual discipline; with every breath, at every task, with all my heart and soul, have the words ‘through you and for you’ running through all of my being.

Here’s the message if you’re interested.

3 thoughts on ““Through him and for him…”

  1. Hugh

    Wonderful sermon, John. My classes with Dr. Evan Runner confronted me with the cosmic implications of this passage.

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