Parenting as an act of worship

Can you imagine a moment where, even as you are delighting in your child, God is delighting in you?  Has you ever held both of those feelings in your heart at the same time; joy expressed toward another even as joy is recieved from the Other?

I’m sitting here in my living room, trying the concept out on my sick wife, who is lying opposite me, sleeping on the couch, and I find myself a bit overwhelmed.  A deep love felt for her in her frailty is pouring out of me even as it’s being extended to me by God in my brokeness.

Can you imagine the same thing happening every time you forgive? Offer guidance? Speak words of discipline? Encourage someone?

I’m trying it out on my son now; feeling this heart-swelling pride for him even as I know and experence God feeling the same for me. There’s a sense of ecstacy to the moment. It’s conductive in a way; like pride is flowing through me. God’s pride infusing, informing and enflaming mine.  Which makes sense, seeing as God must be more proud of Thomas than I could ever be.

God feels very real and present in this moment. And I feel fully alive. It feels a bit like worship. Very cool.

I want to enter  into the discipline of this way of being (more).

One thought on “Parenting as an act of worship

  1. Pam

    I remember having the realization wash over me, as a young mom, that THIS was how much my parents had loved ME. In the profound experience of loving my own children, I understood the love I’d been given in a fuller, deeper way.

    This experience might be a corollary to “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” Maybe it’s only in the struggle to forgive that we understand how we’ve been forgiven?

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