Mumford and Sons; homework for Sunday’s service

As you might have already heard, this Sunday’s message will be looking at God’s truth as we find it in the new UK folk band Mumford and Sons.  Homework is to familiarize yourself with a few of their songs (we’ll be singing them on Sunday!). 

 The Cave –

Awake my Soul –

Roll away your Stone –

Sigh no More –

Timshel –

 The thinking is that the better we all know the music, the closer we’ll all be in discerning God’s truth there.  Listen and try to hear what God might be saying to you.

2 thoughts on “Mumford and Sons; homework for Sunday’s service

  1. jvs

    Anybody who would write, “How special is it to see rescue teams using lifelong manual skills working in conjunction with some basic Newtonian Mechanics restoring families and stimulating prayers of thanks and joy?” (re: you post on the Chilean miners), is a friend of mine! The gospel come through a worker’s hands! And great blog too. Gonna follow you.


  2. Peter Banks

    Good to see you’re onto the Mumfords now, wonderful band and thought provoking lyrics…

    Am reading your Metallica book, lots of parallel thinking, do check out my blog to see!



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