CJAY interview and Calgary Sun article on the book

Here’s a link to a live interview I had with Gerry Forbes on CJAY92 this morning (early!). This is the station that brought the Metallica sermon to Metallica’s attention years ago… a DJ spoke with Lars Ulrich, and then Lars sent a Warner Music camera crew to film the service. CJAY wants me back on Monday to talk more about the book and hand out some free copies.   http://bit.ly/ahcMdT

And here’s a link to a Calgary Sun story on the book (also from this morning)… a bit skeptical, but hey, don’t they say that all advertising in good advertizing?  Some of the “quotes” are a bit of a stretch too… the risk in someone else writing your story.    http://bit.ly/cb09xs

4 thoughts on “CJAY interview and Calgary Sun article on the book

  1. Ana Bertolucci

    WOW LD Roth. Here’s what I can tell you. I became a Christian after I started attending Pastor Van Sloten’s church. It was his teachings that led me to want to know Jesus which led me to the bible. It is this Pastor’s style and approach that is attracting youth, skeptics, and many people who have been disillusioned by so many “proper churches'” hypocracy and dogma. I don’t see too many other traditional churches attracting people these days. This book is not claiming to be or replace the bible for Pete’s sake. It’s simply pointing out the concept in modern layman’s terms that God really is everywhere. God doesn’t just live in the words of the bible and in steepled churches with a few senior citizens.

  2. Gman

    I think its so funny when people think THEY are the authority on what is SOUND DOCTRINE. ALL truth is God’s truth. How can you argue with that?

  3. JVS Post author

    Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your passion for the truth. And perhaps 15 years ago I’d have agreed with you. I think you need to read the book before making the ‘know Jjesus’ call though. In my mind the picture of Jesus that comes out of this idea is bigger, more resurrected with power, and more glorious than I could ever imagine. Several theologians have read the book and have endorsed it… Mouw, Plantinga, and others. Heck, the Christian Reformed Church is publishing it! :). So, read it and see if you can see what others have seen.

  4. L D Roth

    Read II Timothy 4:3 and you will find this “pastor” and his “flock ” there. Just in one afternoon I have studied this mans ” teachings” and they are ridiculous, you can just tell this person does not KNOW Jesus because if he did he would not be trying to mislead so many. Ive been doing a study on the Emergent Church,( google it) and I would have to say… this teaching takes the cake. Not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven…..unfortunately , Im afraid this will be the case here. The teachings ARE NOT SOUND DOCTRINE by any stretch of the imagination, borderline psychotic, and delusional at best. Its like this man is teaching about a Jesus that is made up in his mind, and clearly not teaching about the Jesus in the Bible.

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