an ant

antI took this picture of an ant the other day.  I love the diffused feel of it.   For months now I’ve been thinking about preaching on ants.   The idea of their collective mind doing more than any individual ant can do is intriguing.  Scientists and church communities operate the same way.

One thought on “an ant

  1. Paul snowe

    Dear John,
    Love the ant photo! Makes me think of a podcast from WNYC’s ‘Radiolab’ show called Emergence:

    Although they talk about there being no leader, there seems to be a hidden organisational principle, a built in instinct, so that the whole becomes greater than the single individual….. Obviously some parallels there with church, the world and also some things that don’t match up. Really interesting show btw: it’s a cross of science, philosophy, psychology sometimes religion. Done in a quirky way. Check it out 🙂

    Glad the book seems to be doing so well; is it released through a UK vendor yet? Hoping to get it soon!

    God bless you & New Hope,


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